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New Subscriber via webconsole

New Subscriber via webconsole

1. Install webconsole

2. (Optional)Delete MongoDB

If another version of free5GC was ran before, you have to delete MongoDB.

$ mongo --eval "db.dropDatabase()" free5gc

3. Run WebConsole server

$ cd ~/free5gc/webconsole
$ ./bin/webconsole

4. Use browser to connect to WebConsole

Enter :5000 in URL bar.

Username: admin
Password: free5gc

5. Add new subscriber

  • Choose SUBSCRIBERS in the left side and press New Subscriber button
  • Fill the data and press Submit button

6. New subscriber is added successfully

7. Modify the existed subscriber

There are some issues for subscriber modification.
If you want to modify the existed subscriber, please Delete it first and New again for now.