A. Run Core Network

Option 1. Run network function service individually, e.g. AMF (redo this for each NF), or

cd ~/free5gc

Note: For N3IWF needs specific configuration in section B

Option 2. Run whole core network with command


B. Run N3IWF (Individually)

To run N3IWF, make sure the machine is equipped with three network interfaces. (one is for connecting AMF, another is for connecting UPF, the other is for IKE daemon)

We need to configure each interface with a suitable IP address.

We have to create an interface for IPSec traffic:

# replace <...> to suitable value
sudo ip link add ipsec0 type vti local <IKEBindAddress> remote key <IPSecInterfaceMark>

Assign an address to this interface, then bring it up:

# replace <...> to suitable value
sudo ip address add <IPSecInterfaceAddress/CIDRPrefix> dev ipsec0
sudo ip link set dev ipsec0 up

Run N3IWF (root privilege is required):

cd ~/free5gc/
sudo ./bin/n3iwf

Or, you can use free5GC-compose to run free5GC inside the container.