Start Wireshark to capture any interface with pfcp||icmp||gtp filter and run the tests below to simulate the procedures:

cd ~/free5gc
chmod +x ./test.sh

a. TestRegistration

(In directory: ~/free5gc)
./test.sh TestRegistration

b. TestServiceRequest

./test.sh TestServiceRequest

c. TestXnHandover

./test.sh TestXnHandover

d. TestDeregistration

./test.sh TestDeregistration

e. TestPDUSessionReleaseRequest

./test.sh TestPDUSessionReleaseRequest

f. TestPaging

./test.sh TestPaging

g. TestN2Handover

./test.sh TestN2Handover

h. TestNon3GPP

./test.sh TestNon3GPP

i. TestULCL

./test_ulcl.sh -om 3 TestRegistration