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7/3: v3.4.2

The free5GC v3.4.2 includes a Go version update to 1.21 and refactoring all Network Functions. New features include setting static IPs for UEs and OAuth2 authentication for the webconsole, plus a ULCL example in free5gc-compose. Bug fixes and a new commit message check are also included.


  • Go version bump to Go1.21
  • Refactor NFs for preparation upgrading openapi to Release17


  • Set Static-IP for UE in webconsole
  • Webconsole acts as AF and uses OAuth2 authentication to get OAM service from NFs
  • Add ULCL docker-compose example in free5gc-compose
  • Session AMBR in Data Plane
  • CHF on k8s


  • Fix N3IWUE fails to ping when having flow rules(v1.0.1)
  • Fix some bug reports from Issues or Forum


3/28: v3.4.1

In free5GC v3.4.1, Convergent Charging on PDU Session will be fully supported!
Users will see the data usage on the webconsole after the PDU Session is created (please note that: The charging method (Online/Offline) needs to be determined during the subscription creation).

If you're interested in the implementation details, please visit the CHF design document.

2/16: v3.4.0

We are delighted to unveil the release of free5GC v3.4.0! In this latest version, free5GC now boasts support for OAuth within the Service-Based Architecture (SBA), marking a significant advancement in its capabilities. Furthermore, we have diligently addressed several issues and bugs that were reported by the Open-Source community, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.

  • OAuth Support
    • NRF acts as authorization server
    • All Services in AMF, SMF, NRF, PCF, UDR, UDM, AUSF, NSSF are supported to validate/request access token
  • Implicit De-registration
    • Use case: UE has registered on Old AMF and send registration request to new AMF
      • New AMF is able to get the UE context by asking the old AMF, and old AMF will do the implicit de-registration.
  • Support NAS Reroute (Issue #413)
  • Support NITZ (Network Identiy and Time Zone) in UE Configuration Update Command (Issue #113)
  • Bugfix
  • Release N3IWUE