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Enable OAuth2 on SBI

In this demo, we will practice:

  • Enable OAuth2 on SBI
  • Configuring NRF and NFs

1. Enable OAuth2 in NRF

In the NRF configuration file nrfcfg.yaml:

  sbi: # Service-based interface information
    oauth: true   # false

Set oauth from false to true.

2. Set NRF Certificate path in Each NF

In each NF configuration file, we need to specify the path to the NRF certificate.

    nrfCertPem: cert/nrf.pem # NRF Certificate

If the OAuth is set to enable but there is no nrfCertPem set in NF, this would lead to the following error:


3. Run free5GC

Use to start 5GC.


For now, the free5GC SBI runs the service with OAuth2.


Since the default certificates we provide in cert/ are auto-generated by code which didn't signed by known authority, we would lead to the following warning:


2024-02-27T04:00:43.217044025Z [WARN][NRF][Token] Certificate verify: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "x509: invalid signature: parent certificate cannot sign this kind of certificate" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "free5gc")