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Sponsorship Info

Sponsorship Tiers

free5GC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing innovative and next-generation features for open-source code of the 5G Core (5GC) Network under Apache 2.0 license. Your generous support and sponsorship will sustain our technology development and the operation of the community. Your company/organization logo will be displayed on the free5GC website and listed as the sponsorship you participate. Here are the sponsorship tiers we offer.

  • Sponsor – donation under US $17,000
  • Bronze Sponsor – donation from US $17,000 to US $34,000
  • Silver Sponsor – donation from US $34,000 to US $68,000
  • Gold Sponsor – donation from US $68,000 to US $102,000
  • Platinum Sponsor – donation for more than US $102,000

You can now support free5GC using your credit cards through the link: Your generosity is appreciated.


  • You don’t need to donate to use free5GC. You can download free5GC from
  • The license of free5GC follows Apache 2.0. That is, anyone can use free5GC for commercial purposes for free. We will not charge any license fee.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding donation and sponsorship, please email us at