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Sponsorship Info

Sponsorship Tiers

free5GC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing innovative and next-generation features for open-source code of the 5G Core (5GC) Network under Apache 2.0 license. We are tirelessly working on the development of R16, R17, and so on, towards 6G. Your generous support and sponsorship will sustain our technology development and the operation of the community. Your company/organization logo will be displayed on the free5GC website and listed as the sponsorship you participate. Here are the sponsorship tiers we offer.

  • Sponsor – donation under US $17,000
  • Bronze Sponsor – donation from US 34,000
  • Silver Sponsor – donation from US 68,000
  • Gold Sponsor – donation from US 102,000
  • Platinum Sponsor – donation for more than US $102,000

You can now support free5GC with your credit card. Simply follow the two-step instructions provided here and use the link. (Download instruction PDF). Donations made in the US can be tax-deductible.

Sponsors who can read Chinese can use this link to donate.

Your generosity is appreciated.


  • You don’t need to donate to use free5GC. You can download free5GC from
  • The license of free5GC follows Apache 2.0. That is, anyone can use free5GC for commercial purposes for free. We will not charge any license fee.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding donation and sponsorship, please email us at