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Create Subscriber via Webconsole

1. Install Webconsole

If Webconsole isn't installed yet, please, follow the instructions from GitHub page.

2. (Optional) Delete MongoDB database

If another version of free5GC was ran before, you have to delete MongoDB.

$ mongo --eval "db.dropDatabase()" free5gc

3. Run Webconsole server

$ cd ~/free5gc/webconsole
$ go run server.go

4. Open Webconsole

Enter URL: <Webconsole server's IP>:5000 in browser

Default credential:

Username: admin
Password: free5gc

5. Add new subscriber


Edit the Subscriber's data and click CREATE, here you can configure the

  • Network Slicing configuration
    • SST/SD
    • DNN configuration

Check that the new subscriber was added successfully